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SubjectRe: More filesystem corruption under 2.4.1-pre8 and SW Raid5

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Manfred Spraul wrote:

> I don't see a corruption - neither with 192MB ram nor with 48 MB ram.
> SMP, no SW Raid, ext2, but only 1024 byte/file and only 12500
> files/directory.
> >
> > With 10000 I also had no problem, my next step was 50000.
> >
> 10000 files need ~180MB, that fit's into the cache.
> 50000 files need ~900MB, that doesn't fit into the cache.
> I'd try 10000 files, but now with "mem=64m"
You are right! I first tried with 20000 files and 256MB and it was ok.
Then I tried with 10000 files and "mem=64m" and I get the corruption.

So if I conclude correctly: we both have SMP + ext2 and you do not have
SW raid and I do, that its definetly a SW raid bug?


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