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SubjectMore filesystem corruption under 2.4.1-pre8 and SW Raid5
> Another thing I notice is that the responsiveness of the machine
> decreases dramatically as the test progresses until it is nearly
> useless. After the test is done everything is back to normal.
> The same behavior was observed under 2.2.18.

That's expected: ext2 performs linear searches through the directory,
and with 50 000 entries that's very slow.

I'm running a few quick tests, but I don't have a large enough spare
partition (~ 1GB?) for a full test.

How much main memory do you have, how large is your raid5 partition?

Could you try to reproduce the problem with fewer files and less main

I'm running your test with 48 MB ram, 12500 files, 9 processes in a 156
MB partition (swapoff, here is the test partition ;-).
With 192MB Ram I don't see the corruption.

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