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SubjectRe: More filesystem corruption under 2.4.1-pre8 and SW Raid5

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Manfred Spraul wrote:

> > Another thing I notice is that the responsiveness of the machine
> > decreases dramatically as the test progresses until it is nearly
> > useless. After the test is done everything is back to normal.
> > The same behavior was observed under 2.2.18.
> That's expected: ext2 performs linear searches through the directory,
> and with 50 000 entries that's very slow.
Would reiserfs be better and does it now work with SW Raid5?

> I'm running a few quick tests, but I don't have a large enough spare
> partition (~ 1GB?) for a full test.
> How much main memory do you have, how large is your raid5 partition?
On the two machines I have tried both have 256 MB of memory and one
has a 8GB Raid5 and the other has a 30GB Raid5 partition.

> Could you try to reproduce the problem with fewer files and less main
> memory?
I will try.

> I'm running your test with 48 MB ram, 12500 files, 9 processes in a 156
> MB partition (swapoff, here is the test partition ;-).
> With 192MB Ram I don't see the corruption.
I am not sure if I understand you correctly: with 48MB you do get
corruption and with 192MB not? And if you do see corruption are you
using SW Raid, SMP?

With 10000 I also had no problem, my next step was 50000.


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