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SubjectRe: [PATCH] via82cxxx_audio wrote:
> Hi,
> A patch for the via82cxxx_audio sound driver against 2.4.1-pre8.
> It includes:
> 1. Support for variable fragment size and variable fragment number
> 2. Fixes for the SPEED, STEREO, CHANNELS, FMT ioctls when in read & write
> mode
> 2.1 Mmaped sound is now fully functional.
> The patch is fairly tested (xmms, quake3, oss-test) but it might
> still have some bugs. Also there is almost no documentation update...
> sorry.

Yes! This patch works wonderfully... The mmapped sound is great, much
better than the ALSA drivers. The patch also applies without a hitch to
2.4.0, since the driver hasn't been updated in a while (hope you feel
better soon, Jeff). I haven't found any bugs, but my test of "see if it
runs quake3 and soldier of fortune without clipping or crashing" is far
from exhaustive. I can definitely say that it's better than the ALSA
emulation of OSS, since there's no annoying mixing slowdown and
corresponding clipping. Thanks!

"Windows for Dummies? Isn't that redundant?"
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