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SubjectRe: pppoe in 2.4.0

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ian Macdonald" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2001 7:10 AM
Subject: Re: pppoe in 2.4.0

> On 19 Jan 2001 03:51:20 +0100 in caliban.linux.kernel, you wrote:
> >Does anyone have pppoe working with 2.4.0?
> >
> >I'm running 2.4.0-ac9 with ppp and pppoe compiled into the kernel
> >tried with modules too)
> >
> >The pppd simply refuses to acknowlege the presence of ppp support
in the
> >kernel.
> >The last release of pppd was in august 2000. Was this before the
> >interface in the
> >kernel was overhauled?
> Have you aliased the new module name to ppp?
> I'm using pppd just for simple dial-up from home, but I needed to
> the following line to /etc/modules.conf before pppd would load the
> correct module:
> alias ppp ppp_async

Yes, PPPoE works fine with 2.4.0. PLEASE read
$YOUR_KERNEL_SOURCE/Documentation/CHANGES and setup your alias
For example (my System):


# Ok, here we start with 2.4.x stuff !
# LVM 0.9
alias alias block-major-58 lvm-mod
alias char-major-109 lvm-mod

alias char-major-10-184 microcode

alias char-major-108 ppp_generic
alias /dev/ppp ppp_generic
alias tty-ldisc-3 ppp_async
alias tty-ldisc-14 ppp_synctty
alias ppp-compress-21 bsd_comp
alias ppp-compress-24 ppp_deflate
alias ppp-compress-26 ppp_deflate
#end 2.4.0


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