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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: 128M memory OK, but with 192M sound card es1391 trouble
You're probably just hearing electrical noise from the memory buss; try
moving the 128 stick to the slot you put the 64 in (if you can) and run
that way -- you'll probably hear it there too.

I get something similiar to this with my SB Live (!... damn marketroids) on
a BP6 with 192MB as well. In my case, it's not during DSP use per se, but
during memory activity. Try dragging a window around in X and listen for

My guess is that JA's console player doesn't move around as much memory as
the gnome one (imagine that), therefore produces less memory noise.
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On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 17:25:51 J . A . Magallon wrote:
> On 2001.01.18 Joel Franco Guzmán wrote:
> > 1. 128M memory OK, but with 192M the sound card generate a noise while
> > use the DSP.
> ..
> > the problem: The sound card generates a toc.. toc.. toc .. toc...while
> > playing a sound using the DSP of the soundcard. Two "tocs"/sec
> > aproxiumadetely.
> >
> >
> I have noticed something similar. If I start gqmpeg from the command line
> in
> a terminal (rxvt), sounds fine. If I start it from the icon in the gnome
> panel, it makes that 'toc toc' noise you describe. ????
> (I know it sounds strange, but real...)

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