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    SubjectNetwork response time issue
    I am investigating a web site response time issue that one of our patrons
    is having. After ruling out the obvious, I ran a tcpdump, and compared the
    packet trace to other web sessions that had reasonable response time, and
    found that the session that was having problems had a mss of 536, while
    most of the tcp sessions used a mss of 1460.

    When I upgraded the kernel from 2.4.0-test12 to 2.4.0, response seemed to
    improve slightly. Nonetheless, I'm still seeing the same basic behavior:
    a burst of traffic, followed by a period of silence. I'm not an expert at
    analyzing packet traces, but it looks like the server is having to do a
    lot of re-transmits. The user states that other sites come up fine,
    including another web server that shares the WAN link with us.

    Am I possibly looking at a kernel networking issue? What other things
    should I be looking at/for?


    -- Paul (

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