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SubjectRe: [off topic] Re: .br blacklisted ?
Brad Felmey wrote:

> On Fri, 19 Jan 2001 03:53:32 +0000, you, David Ford <>,
> wrote:
> >So you can't fault John for personally effecting a policy similar to what
> >ORBS does en masse.
> Of course I can. A bad implementation is a bad implementation.
> MAPS/ORBS is and has been a royal screwup from the word 'go', and it's
> only getting worse with time. Great idea, miserable execution. It is
> _not_ the answer, and IMO it's worse than nothing at all. I set up my
> own mailserver because my ISP decided to institute stupid stuff like
> this (and worse).
> My statement still stands. John has obviously annoyed several folks
> with this approach to filtering, and has been borderline belligerent
> about it. That is not the approach to use when you're approaching
> people for help.

I don't think such global filtering is right from either direction, from
those asking or giving help. But most of us look to the powers that be as
examples. "If they do it it's ok for me to do it." So you can say he's
wrong for doing it, but the fault comes from example.

As to your first paragraph, it doesn't much matter to ORBS if you have your
own mail server, they blacklist netblocks and the prevailing HOWTOs don't
explain the OK list or show people what rule to use to accept OK mail


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