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SubjectRe: Is sendfile all that sexy?

> device-to-device is not the same as disk-to-disk. A better example would
> be a streaming file server. Slowly the pci bus becomes a bottleneck, why
> would you want to move the data twice over the pci bus if once is enough
> and the data very likely not needed afterwards? Sure you can use a more
> expensive 64bit/60MHz bus, but why should you if the 32bit/30MHz bus is
> theoretically fast enough for your application?

theoretically fast enough for the application would imply the dual
transfers across the bus would fit :)

also, if a system was doing something with that much throughput, i
suspect it would not only be designed with 64/66 busses (or better), but
also have things on several different busses. that makes device to
device life more of a challenge.

rick jones

these opinions are mine, all mine; HP might not want them anyway... :)
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