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SubjectKilling process with SIGKILL and ncpfs
Maarten de Boer pointed to me, that if you load some simple program,
such as 'void main(void) {}', trace into main (break main; run)
and then quit from gdb (Really exit? yes), child process is then
killed due to INT3 (probably). Then exit_mmap releases executable
mapping - and ncp_do_request is entered with SIGKILL pending!

Trace; d18e8822 <[ncpfs]ncp_do_request+1e2/1f8>
Trace; d18e88a5 <[ncpfs]ncp_request2+6d/a0>
Trace; d18e7c3c <[ncpfs]ncp_make_closed+9c/c8>
Trace; d18e332e <[ncpfs]ncp_release+a/1c>
Trace; c01349c1 <fput+39/e8>
Trace; c012566e <exit_mmap+da/124>
Trace; c0115e54 <mmput+38/50>
Trace; c011a134 <do_exit+d0/2a8>
Trace; c0108e10 <do_signal+234/28c>
Trace; c011f032 <force_sig_info+9a/a4>
Trace; c011f24d <force_sig+11/18>
Trace; c0109581 <do_int3+35/78>
Trace; c0109088 <error_code+34/3c>
Trace; c0108fa4 <signal_return+14/18>

So my question is:
(1) should ncpfs ignore ALL signals (even SIGKILL/SIGSTOP) when
task is in PF_EXITING mode, or
(2) should kernel clear all pending signals at the beginning of do_exit or
(3) is it gdb bug that they forget 'int3' operation in traced program?

Petr Vandrovec

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