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SubjectServerWorks IDE in 2.4.0-ac4
I'm currently playing around with a Compaq Proliant ML370 machine,
equipped with two Pentium-III 733 processors, 2 GB of RAM and two
18 GB SCSI harddisks.
While configuring to compile a 2.4.0-ac4 kernel, I activated the
ServerWorks IDE chipset support, but when running this kernel, I had
no success in mounting the CDROM which is IDE based.
According to the dmesg log, the chipset is recognized, but
/proc/interrupts does not show an IDE interrupt, consequently the
CDROM drive is not recognized.
Running this machine with a 2.2.18 kernel, I had no problem in mounting
the CDROM.
Please see for logging information both
for 2.2.18 and 2.4.0-ac4 (.config, /proc/interrupts, /proc/meminfo,
/proc/cpuinfo, /proc/pci, output of lsmod and dmesg)
Btw: 2.4.0 plain gave the same results.

Thanks for any help,

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