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SubjectRe: 2.0.37 crashes immediately
On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Dr. Kelsey Hudson wrote:

> Is there a reason you are using a relatively new machine like that with
> such an outdated and arcane kernel (and distribution, for that
> matter)? I'd suggest you upgrade to a more recent kernel and/or
>'ll be a lot more stable (and not to mention secure!)

Every version above 2.0.36 behaves the same (from the 2.0.x series). Gee,
I should have said a few words about my intent. Of course, I'm not
actually using these old versions of everything. I just wanted to run a
2.0.x kernel to do some hardware testing, and since 2.0.x can't access the
new ext2fs with the spare superblock option, I thought, I might be up and
running fastest by installing a RH distribution still using the 2.0.x
kernel. It just happened that RH4.2 was the only one I had handy at that

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