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SubjectRe: VIA chipset discussion
well, i know there's a problem with the via apollo pro 133a chipset,
smp, apic, and usb. it looks like the usb driver (usb-uhci) doesn't
receive any interrupts if apic is enabled. if you disable apic from the
lilo prompt with "noapic", then it'll all work (of course, without

according to the linux-usb maintainers, it's a pci irq routing problem.
i've asked jeff garzik and martin mares if they'll look into it, but
they're pretty busy and i haven't heard anything back from them (not
that'd i'd expect to for quite a while, considering their load). i've
asked on the list too, but i've only heard back from people with the
same problem, not anyone who can fix the problem.

i've pretty much got the same system as you, except for the ultra66
promise card.


On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, David D.W. Downey wrote:

> Could those that were involved in the VIA chipset discussion email me
> privately at
> I'm truly interested in solving this issue. I personally think it's more
> than just the chipset causing the problems.
> I'm looking for members of the list that are using the kernel support for
> the following
> VIA chipset
> Promise controller (PDC2026# with specifics on the PDC20265 (ATA100))
> SMP support
> IDE + SCSI mix in the system.
> I'm trying to track a number of POSSIBLE bugs (can't say they are for
> sure) and any input from folks with this mix of drivers would be
> exponentially useful, even if for nothing more than discounting some of my
> thoughts.
> Also, can anyone summurize the already known and specific problems with
> combinations of the above requirements? I would truly appreciate that.
> David D.W. Downey
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