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SubjectRe: Overriding BIOS settings with kernel 2.4.0
On Wed, 17 Jan 2001 wrote:

bandit> I'm telling you all this because my BIOS keeps assigning shared
bandit> interrupts between the Geforce-TVCapture and NE2000-USB Hubs.

Look in your mainboard manual

I think you'll find that the PCI/AGP slots you are using for these devices
share IRQs because they are physically linked together.

I don't know about the AOPEN board, but on an ASUS P3B-F for example, the
AGP slot and PCI1 share their IRQ, and PCI slots 3&6 and 4&5 also share
so if you put devices in all of these slots, some devices will share

The only workaround is to pick different slots, and/or to not have more
than 4 devices in your system that don't like to share interrupts with
anything else.

- Matt

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