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SubjectPCMCIA problem loading ide-floppy from ide_cs

I am trying to understand the new PCMCIA configuration. So far I am trying
to use the kernel PCMCIA driver. The yenta_socket driver is working fine.

Using 2.4.0, and cardmgr 3.1.23

When I insert my Iomega Clik drive, cardmgr correctly identifies it as an ATA
Fixed Disk and loads ide_cs. ide_cs does the ide_probe and correctly assumes
that the drive is an ide-floppy. However at this point it doesn't seem to
even try to load the module. KMOD is set to y in .config

If I preload the ide-floppy module everything loads up fine and I can use the
drive perfectly. However, when I do a cardctl eject 0, everything screws up.
The eject command says it works, unlinks ide_cs, but seems to leave
ide-floppy working! and yes, I have run depmod -a about a zillion times.

modprobe -nv finds the modules no problem.

Any pointers on where or what is wrong here?



Paul Bristow
ide-floppy maintainer

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