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SubjectRe: need help raid and 2.4.0
david wrote:
> hi i am moving from 2.2.18 to 2.4.0 i have a ide raid set but can not
> get it to run under 2.4.0
> i user mdadd / mdrun to config it. in raid-tools 0.42 but it dose not
> come up under 2.4.0 it just says unknow devices /dev/hda3 & /dev/hdc3
> but thay are thear and when i try to compile raid-tools .53 undir 2.4.0
> i get a lot of error in string.h (i am runing debian 2.2r2)
> i configured the kernel

First, did the IDE driver detect the disks/partitions listed?
what does /proc/partitions, /proc/modules, and /proc/ioports
show in 2.4.0?

I switched from 2.2.x -> 2.4.0 with IDE RAID disks fine.
Using the RedHat7.0 default of raidtool-0.90
Try building the newer raidtools and make sure to use the
correct kernel headers (the ones for 2.4.0)

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