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SubjectRe: Partition renumbering under 2.4.0
> Note that the ext2 logical partition is called "hdb9" by 2.2.16 and
> "hdb5" by 2.4.0. This makes it difficult to manage multi-boot systems
> with 2.2.x and 2.4.x kernels, as it requires updating fstab between
> boots. Switching to other identification strategies such as ext2
> labels - as discussed in other threads - could be a workaround, as far
> as I know.

Your problem is caused by the identification loop in fs/partitions/msdos.c
having been split into two parts in 2.4. One part identifies msdos and
extended partitions in the first pass and then goes on to identify other
disklabel partitions in the second. You can restore consistency either by
combining the two passes (as was the case in 2.2) or by moving the extended
msdos partition identification into the second pass.

However, the underlying problem remains the same as it was when I first wrote
the solaris code: You only have 11 minors for all of the remaining extended
partitions, that's why the solaris code does the slice renaming. Under 2.4,
if you use devfs, the solaris (and other) slice recognition code could be
enhanced to give the correct names to all the slices. This would turn out to
be something like /dev/ide/hdb2s7 (or something even worse---I'm afraid I only
really know the naming scheme for SCSI devices) but at least you can find the
exact slice you're looking for in an easy and intuitive way.

So, would you prefer the quick fix, or the more durable solution (which would
require you to change your fstab)?


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