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SubjectRe: kernel BUG with 2.4.1-pre7 reiserfs
In article <>,
Jakob Borg <> wrote:
>I recently got this in my logs after moving /home to reiserfs. It is a plain
>2.4.1-pre7 SMP system (.config attached).
>Jan 16 19:15:02 narayan kernel: journal_begin called without kernel lock held
>Jan 16 19:15:02 narayan kernel: kernel BUG at journal.c:423!
>Jan 16 19:15:02 narayan kernel: CPU: 0
>I seem to remember more possibly useful information scrolling by my screen,
>but it seems to not have made it to the logs, and I will shut down and fsck
>the filesystem now...

It really needs the stack-trace to debug this sanely (along with
translations of what the hex numbers are - see the bugreporting
documentation in the kernel source tree).

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