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SubjectOops 0000

Hi there,

I am sending your a bunch(!) of logs I think all cast some light over what
ever is wrong with my brand machine. Since I got it up running, it has
been crashing now and then.

It is an AMD T-Bird 900MHz (running at 100MHz x 9 -- not overclocked or begin
tortured in similar ways), 256MB PC133 RAM, a IBM DeskStar IDE HD and an
NVidia GeForce2MX-based graphics card (Hercules Prophet II to be specific).
I use a binary version of XFree86 4.0.2 with an Nvidia driver. I use
WindowMaker 0.61.0 as my window manager. The kernel is version 2.2.18.

My old system is a P166 and it has not crashed for years. I do not run MS
Windows, so yes, crashing does worry me alot!

The first couple of times, the system crashed when I switched back and
forth between X and console (Alt+Ctrl+F1 in X / Alt+F7 in console). The
next few times it happened when I changed workspace from Blender3d (a 3D
modelling and animation program using OpenGL) to a clean workspace. This
lead me to think that it had something to do with either X 4.0.2 or the
driver from NVidia (which is know to have some minor redraw-bugs).
So far a "crash" means it locked up my machine completely; no keyboard, no
mouse, frozen screen. (I am currently not in a network, so I cannot ping
and see if the kernel has frozen completely).

But yesterday (january 15 2001) it crashed my X and for the first
time left me in console with an error message from the kernel:

Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000000
current->tss.cr3 = 0dea4000, %%cr3 = 0dea4000
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0

My gpm was killed so I tried to switch to another terminal to restart gpm
and cut'n'paste the output to a file, but then it froze completely -- again.

Now I am no long sure that it's a problem related to X or the NVidia
driver. I could also be hardware. But as said, the computer is brand new
and I am not overclocking anything.

I run a memtest86 on the machie this night for 13 hours straight with all
tests enabled, but it found nothing.

So, I send you the logs and kernel configuration in the hope that perhaps
you can help me out.

Stephan Henningsen <>

Download logs and system info here:

Stephan Henningsen /

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