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SubjectRe: Compiling 2.4.1-preX series
Fair enough, but something in bugs.h changed from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1-preX and
broke my GCC, I shall recompile GCC with no PGCC patches however if this
happens still then there's a problem somewhere.

I dont know what FXSR is but there was no problem in 2.4.0 with this.

diff include/asm-i386/bugs.h ../linux/include/asm-i386/bugs.h |
> #if defined(CONFIG_X86_FXSR) || defined(CONFIG_X86_RUNTIME_FXSR)
< if (offsetof(struct task_struct, thread.i387.fxsave) & 15) {
< extern void __buggy_fxsr_alignment(void);
< __buggy_fxsr_alignment();
< }
> if (offsetof(struct task_struct, thread.i387.fxsave) & 15)
> panic("Kernel compiled for PII/PIII+ with FXSR, data not 16-byte

Jes Sorensen wrote:

> >>>>> "Shawn" == Shawn Starr <> writes:
> Shawn> Which compiler will compile the 2.4.1-preX series? Since 2.4.0,
> Shawn> my GCC 2.95.2 patched with PGCC 2.95.3 (which creates
> Shawn> pgcc-2.95.2) refuses to compile any versions after this. Which
> Shawn> is the next stable and binary compatable compiler?
> Shawn> Anyone have any suggestions? I dont wish to use the development
> Shawn> GCC 2.96/2.97 because they will break my binary compatability
> Shawn> with pgcc-2.95.2/3.
> Yes, it's simple you want the real gcc 2.96/2.97 or egcs-1.1.2. pgcc
> is not supported.
> Jes

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