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Subject[Fwd: Is sendfile all that sexy? (fwd)]
> : >Agreed -- the hard-coded Nagle algorithm makes no sense these days.
> :
> : The fact I dislike about the HP-UX implementation is that it is so
> : _obviously_ stupid.
> :
> : And I have to say that I absolutely despise the BSD people. They did
> : sendfile() after both Linux and HP-UX had done it, and they must have
> : known about both implementations. And they chose the HP-UX braindamage,
> : and even brag about the fact that they were stupid and didn't understand
> : TCP_CORK (they don't say so in those exact words, of course - they just
> : show that they were stupid and clueless by the things they brag about).
> :
> : Oh, well. Not everybody can be as goodlooking as me. It's a curse.

nor it would seem, as humble :)

Hello Linus, my name is Rick Jones. I am the person at Hewlett-Packard
who drafted the "so _obviously_ stupid" sendfile() interface of HP-UX.
Some of your critique (quoted above) found its way to my inbox and I
thought I would introduce myself to you to give you an opportunity to
expand a bit on your criticism. In return, if you like, I would be more
than happy to describe a bit of the history of sendfile() on HP-UX.
Perhaps (though I cannot say with any certainty) it will help explain
why HP-UX sendfile() is spec'd the way it is.

rick jones
never forget what leads to the downfall of the protagonist in Greek

these opinions are mine, all mine; HP might not want them anyway... :)
feel free to email, OR post, but please do NOT do BOTH...
my email address is raj in the domain...
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