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SubjectRe: named streams, extended attributes, and posix

[Michael Rothwell]
> It seems that if you move a file with a colon -- "file:colon" -- in
> the name from Ext2 to "StreamFS," you would end up with a file named
> "file" with a stream named "colon". When copying back, you would get
> "file:colon" back.

What if you copy both 'filename' and 'filename:ext' onto the same fs?
Do they get combined into one file? That to me violates principle of
least surprise. The fs should just mangle filenames it doesn't agree
with, like the existing legacy filesystems already do.

Any semantics by which 'filename:stream' and 'filename' refer to the
same file would be b0rken. If instead you use 'filename/stream'
syntax, at least that is an illegal filename on *all* Linux
filesystems, so this particular point of confusion does not come up.

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