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SubjectRE: Linux not adhering to BIOS Drive boot order?
> you're forgetting that in /etc/lilo.conf there is a directive called
> 'append='... all the user has to do is merely add
> 'append="scsihosts=whatever,whatever"' into their config file and rerun
> lilo. problem solved
> besides, how many 'end-users' do you know of that will have multiple scsi
> adapters in one system? how many end-users -period- will have even a
> *single* scsi adapter in their systems? do we need to bloat the kernel
> with automatic things like this? no... i think it is handled fine the way
> it is. if the user wants to add more than one scsi adapter into his
> system, let him read some documentation on how to do so. (is this even a
> documented feature? if not, i think it should be added to the docs...)
[Venkatesh Ramamurthy] Dont you think that mounting and booting
based on disk label names is better, then relying on device nodes which can
change when a new card is added?. The existing patch for 2.2.xx is quite
small and it does not bloat the kernel too much either. I think we can port
it for 2.4.XX with ease.In my words it is worth the effort
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