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SubjectRe: Oops with 4GB memory setting in 2.4.0 stable
On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Rainer Mager wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a 100% reproducable bug in all of the 2.4.0 kernels including the
> latest stable one. The issue is that if I compile the kernel to support 4GB
> RAM (I have 1 GB) and then try to access a samba mount I get an oops. This

I'll have a look tonight or so. It works for you on non-bigmem?

> ALWAYS happens. Usually after this the system is frozen (although the magic
> SYSREQ still works). If the system isn't frozen then any commands that
> access the disk will freeze. Fortunately GPM worked and I was able to paste
> the oops to a file via telnet.

smb_rename suggests mv, but the process is ls ... er? What commands where
you running on smbfs when it crashed?

Could this be a symbol mismatch? Keith Owens suggested a less manual way
to get module symbol output. Do you get the same results using that?


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