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Subject"Received disconnect: Command terminated on signal 13." when logging in via ssh
I get this message when logging into a box via ssh.

the box is running 2.4 Kernel with devfsd installed on debian potato.

I have a *hunch* that this may be to do with devfsd, and the fact that devfsd
is not creating the /dev/pts/x files correctly (or in a timely manner)

to prove this, I check the /dev/pts/ (and /dev-state/pts) dirs, prior to
logging in on another xterm, make sure that all /dev/pty/ entries are used,
and try logging in again. same error.

Now, when I try logging in on a new pts, it shows up in /dev-state/pts/ with
root.root ownerships, and crw-rw-rw- permissions.

in order to log in, I have to chown it to user.tty

any ideas what is going wrong? any suggestions to fix it?



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