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SubjectRe: Oops in rtl8139, and more
The problem is clear:
rtl8139_resume() unconditionally restarts the hardware, even if the
network was not yet started.
The hardware immediately notices something, and sends an interrupt.

The oops happens during rtl8139_open():
the function calls request_irq(), but assumes that the interrupts are
still disabled from the initial rtl8139_init_one(). Thus an interrupt
arrives before the driver structures are initialized.

Jeff, it seems that rtl8139_suspend() and rtl8139_resume() should check
if the nic was opened before stopping/restarting the hardware.

> >>EIP; c01a180e <rtl8139_rx_interrupt+b6/264> <=====
> Trace; c01a1d53 <rtl8139_interrupt+cf/164>
> Trace; c010a16d <handle_IRQ_event+31/5c>
> Trace; c010a2d7 <do_IRQ+6b/ac>
> Trace; c0108f68 <ret_from_intr+0/20>
> Trace; c010a6a1 <setup_irq+81/98>
> Trace; c01a1c84 <rtl8139_interrupt+0/164>
> Trace; c010a3a8 <request_irq+90/ac>
> Trace; c01a067e <rtl8139_open+1e/128>
> Trace; c01f4f90 <dev_open+48/a4>

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