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SubjectRe: Where did vm_operations_struct->unmap in 2.4.0 go?
Date said:
> That is a lot of work for a very few special cases. OTOH, you could
> just add a few lines of __initcall code in two source files (which I
> did when I wrote inter_module_xxx) and swap the order of 3 lines in
> drivers/mtd/Makefile. Guess which alternative I am going for?

I've already worked round it for the 2.[024] case by reintroducing the
ifdefs. I assume here that we're planning for 2.5. As part of the many
changes that are going to be introduced during 2.5, this shouldn't be too

Once it's actually usable for the common case, it won't just be 'a very few
special cases' any more. But that's all 2.5 material.


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