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SubjectUPDATE: Re: 2.4.0 kernel oops from apt-get (dcache.h)
Updated info - I completely forgot this fact until playing around with
trying to fix this problem...

After running out of space on my root partition, I symlinked my apt-cache
directory to a directory on a HFS partition (I had done this some time
ago, and never had any problems until now).

It seems the new kernel doesn't like the fact that the HFS partition only
supports 30-something charecter filenames... and of course package
filenames from debian and almost always longer, containing name, version
and arch.

2.2 seemed to cope with this no-worries, and just used the truncated
name in file accesses... 2.4 oops. Whether this is an issue with the HFS driver in 2.4, another kernel issue in 2.4, or
something in Apt... we do not know :)

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