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SubjectRe: Article: Using test suites to test the new kernel

God sent you right? :) Been looking for something along this nature.


On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Michael D. Crawford wrote:

> I've written a brief article on the topic of using test suites to test new linux
> kernels.
> It is my hope that anyone who wants to play with the new kernels will try out
> some of these suites, not just people doing a formal QA process, so that more
> coverage of configurations can be achieved.
> Using Test Suites to Validate the Linux Kernel
> I cover the use of suites that test the correct functioning of applications (for
> example, language compliance tests for Python and Kaffe's Java implementation)
> as well as test suites aimed directly at testing Linux itself.
> Links to five different packages with test suites are given. I'd appreciate
> hearing of any more that you know about.
> I also appreciate your comments on how I can improve the article. This is a
> first draft.
> Regards,
> Mike Crawford

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