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SubjectRe: vmware 2.0.3, kernel 2.4.0 and a cdrom

I have the same problem. But if I say my CD-RW is the cdrom all works as
expected (/dev/scd1).

Also the capabilities aren't correct I think:

Jan 14 21:26:31 worf kernel: sr0: scsi3-mmc drive: 0x/0x writer cd/rw caddy

for my CDROM; it is a TEAC-CDROM without caddy, but tray and has a
read-speed of 42. It is NOT a writer.

The writer seems to be recognized correctly (again a TEAC-CDRW):

Jan 14 21:26:31 worf kernel: sr1: scsi3-mmc drive: 24x/24x writer cd/rw
xa/form2 cdda tray

Only the write-speed isn't correct (it can only write 8x not 24x)

As I have no time in the moment to dig this down further, I just write
this for information.

Btw I'm using kernel 2.4.0 with reiserfs and NVIDIA patch.


Martin Maciaszek wrote:

> Since I installed Kernel 2.4.0 VMware is no longer able to
> recognize my cdrom drive. VMware shows a dialog box on power up
> with following content:
> [...]
> CDROM: '/dev/scd0' exists, but does not appear tobe a CDROM device.
> Error connecting the CDROM device
> [...]
> At the same time my syslog records the following message:
> Jan 13 21:49:57 nexus kernel: sr0: CDROM (ioctl) reports ILLEGAL REQUEST.
> I tried 2.2.18 and VMware recognized the cdrom drive.
> Any hints?
> Cheers
> Martin

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