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SubjectRe: low-latency scheduling patch for 2.4.0
Andrew Morton wrote:
> A patch against kernel 2.4.0 final which provides low-latency
> scheduling is at

This has been updated for 2.4.1-pre3

- Fixed latency problems with some /proc files and forking
when many files are open.

- Fixed the tcp-minisocks thing.

- The patch now works properly on SMP.

If a wakeup is directed to a SCHED_FIFO or SCHED_RR
task then we request a reschedule on *all* non-idle

This causes any CPU which is holding a long-lived
spinlock to bale out, allowing the target CPU to
acquire the spinlock and then reschedule normally.

Bit of a hack, but it works very well and there
is no impact on the system unless there are
non-SCHED_OTHER tasks running.

Five lines of code :)
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