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SubjectRe: 2.4.0 + iproute2

Andi Kleen writes:
> > Textual error messages for system calls never belong in the kernel.
> > Put it in glibc or wherever.
> This just means that a table needs to be kept in sync between glibc and
> netlink, and if someone e.g. gets a new CBQ module he would need to update
> glibc. It's also bad for maintainers, because patches for tables of number
> tend to always reject ;)

Fine, then no textual messages at all.

I cannot accept that an application writer goes through all the
trouble of using socket extended errors, watches for error returns
via this, and makes no attempt to understand what the different return
values mean.

People must be really suffering right now, and we ought to get
/proc/errno_strings implemented as soon as possible... :-)

David S. Miller
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