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SubjectWeird (apparently FPU-related) bugs in 2.4.0
Ok, this sounds weird, and it is.  After running 2.4.0 for... 1 day, 18
hours straight, I've run into some strange behavior. Most noticeable is
that, whem playing sounds, XMMS squeaks. However, the squeaks show up
on the graphic equalizer, which means to me that it is getting bad math

I seem to recall seeing something about an interaction between the new
lazy-FPU handling (or something) and Athlons. But, this is an AMD-K6/2
system. Could the problem be on more chips than just the Athlon?

It started when I configured and compiling xine. Also, whenever a
squeak happens, some other weird things occur. For example, my clock
applet locks solid. Anyone else experience this? Perhaps a genius out
there who knows my problem, or has a lead?
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