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SubjectRe: QUESTION: Network hangs with BP6 and 2.4.x kernels, hardwarerelated?
Frank de Lange wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 12, 2001 at 09:51:36PM +0100, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> > great. Back when i had the same problem, flood pinging another host (on
> > the local network) was the quickest way to reproduce the hang:
> >
> > ping -f -s 10 otherhost
> >
> > this produced an IOAPIC-hang within seconds.
> Apart from killing streaming audio and interactive network use, nothing hangs.
> As soon as the ping flood is stopped, audio streams on and ssh sessions are
> useable again. So, it seems to fix it...
> Frank

I do have a 3c503 and a ne2k-pci both of them use the 8390, I can hang
the ne2k-pci easily by doing a ping -f, bigger packet size => early the
hang. But I cannot hang the 3c503 by doing this.

Now with 2.4.0 the ne2k-pci behaviour is that: doing a ping -f works for
some amount of time, then stops for a BIG amount of time (various
minutes), and then it works again (it seems), but at a much slower
speed, and if you test it with normal ping (ping host) you don't get

The packets really go down to the wire and I even got replies. but I
don't receive it.

Previous versions of 2.4.0-testX caused ne2k-pci to hang and remain
hanged until reboot.

System: Mb Gigabyte 586dx, 2x200MMX, 96Mb RAM,

Jorge Nerin
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