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SubjectRe: shmem or swapfs? was: [Patch] make shm filesystem part configurable
David Ford <> writes:

> this shared memory or swap? If it's swap, why is it
> different than a swapfile? If you are intending the shmem be called
> swapfs, I personally thing that it'll cause a significant amount of
> confusion.

It is a filesystem which lives in RAM and can swap out. SYSV shm and
shared anonymous maps are still build on top of this (The config
option only disables the part not needed for this).

I am quite open about naming, but "shm" is not appropriate any more
since the fs does a lot more than shared memory. Solaris calles this
"tmpfs" but I did not want to 'steal' their name and I also do not
think that it's a very good name.

So any suggestions for a better name?


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