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SubjectRe: Where did vm_operations_struct->unmap in 2.4.0 go?
On Sat, 13 Jan 2001 12:46:00 +0100, 
Christian Zander <> wrote:
>I see what you mean. What do you suggest should be done in the context of
>the driver? As you can easily tell, I'm not overly familiar with the
>internal workings of the kernel. That and the mere impossibility to get
>any kind of help at the mere mention of the Nvidia driver module ("go bitch
>at nvidia", "who cares", ...) do not exactly make it easier to fix problems
>that arise from changes to the kernel.

Hmm, can I charge Nvidia for this fix?

The only reason you are looking at symbols is to map Nvidia registry
names to module symbols. There are 9 registry names, 4 of which are
#ifdeffed out.

MODULE_PARM(NVreg_resman_debuglevel, "i");
MODULE_PARM(NVreg_VideoMemoryTypeOverride, "i"); #ifdeffed out
MODULE_PARM(NVreg_EnableVia4x, "i");
MODULE_PARM(NVreg_ReqAGPRate, "i"); #ifdeffed out
MODULE_PARM(NVreg_SkipBiosPost, "i"); #ifdeffed out
MODULE_PARM(NVreg_UseKernelAGP, "i");
MODULE_PARM(NVreg_UpdateKernelAGP, "i"); #ifdeffed out

Simple fix is an array to map names to addresses.

struct {
const char *name;
int *value;
} linux_registry[] = {
{ "resman_debuglevel", &NVreg_resman_debuglevel },
{ "EnableVia4x", &NVreg_EnableVia4x },
{ "UseKernelAGP", &NVreg_UseKernelAGP },
{ "ReqAGPSBA", &NVreg_ReqAGPSBA },
{ "ReqAGPFW", &NVreg_ReqAGPFW },

Changing osRegistryLookup to scan that array for the registry name and
return the address of the corresponding variable is left as an exercise
for the reader.

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