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SubjectRE: 2.4.0 oops bdflush
> From: Stephen Clouse []
> We have a development SMP machine which runs a myriad of
> server applications for
> our development purposes -- Apache, Oracle, several others.
> Under 2.4.0 the
> machine locks up, seemingly at random. Usually it simply
> stops responding
> without fanfare -- you can, oddly enough, switch consoles
> with Alt+F?, but
> typing gets no response and all network services have stopped
> responding.

I've seen exactly this same behavior, on an 8-way Xeon (Dell PowerEdge
8450), with 8GB RAM, but never with either 512MB or 1GB, running 20
instances of a copy-and-compare script using /usr/share/doc from Red Hat
Linux 7 as the data source. I see you're using IDE disks, which makes me
feel better, as I was testing the new megaraid driver. Magic sysrq works in
my case. I've never gotten the oops though, I used magic sysrq to print the
IP several times and then tried to look it up. For me, lockup happens in
the first few minutes of running this test. I'm happy to try to reproduce
it if anyone has suggestions.


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