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Subject[semi-OT] Historic Linux Kernels.
on you can get old kernels clear back to 0.01 in
but some things are missing, though nothing major

what's missing that I'm most interested in is the linux boot-disk that
apparently came into being around .11.

to quote from
2) Test out the linux boot-disk with the root file system.

and the .11 release notes/installation instructions (again quoting from
This is a SHORT install-note. The installation is very similar to 0.11,
so read that (INSTALL-0.11) too.

none of these things are included in linux-0.11.tar.gz/bz2

I presume Linus just assumed that they'd be of no real interest to anyone
looking at the old kernels, but they'd be of interest to me as I'm quite
interested in what linux went through in early development beyond just
reading about it, I prefer to actually see these things for myself :)

So does anyone have these two things? (the .11 release notes/install
instructions and boot/root diskette) If so, I'd be grateful if you could
either point me to them, or email them to me (


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