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SubjectBug report on 2.4.0 release

This is to report a possible 2.4.0 bug in either the kernel or
in pppd regarding wakeup after an apmsleep command.

The problem is as follows:

After successful return from an apmsleep command, issued the night
before, ppp does not seem to work. The fix is to rmmod slhc, ppp_generic,
and ppp_ttysync and then insmod them again. Then everything works as expected.
Note that I use rp-pppoe so this is ppp over an ethernet card for DSL.

The errors I get from ppp version 2.4.0 are:

Jan 12 11:55:44 manic pppd[6173]: No response to 3 echo-requests
Jan 12 11:55:44 manic pppd[6173]: Serial link appears to be disconnected.

Note that just bringing down and restarting my eth0 card does not solve the problem,
so I do not believe it is an ethernet card wakeup issue.

Note that this works just fine under kernel version 2.2.18 without the need
to rmmod and insmod anything.

My machine info: Asus p3bf motherboard, 500 MHz PIII PC, RH 7.0 + kernel 2.4.0,

-- tony

Surrender to the void.
-- John Lennon

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