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Subject[BUG] 2.4.0-ac8 PS/2 mouse woes
I just booted to 2.4.0-ac8 (from 2.4.0-ac6) and noticed the mouse was
going rather slow in X, so I pumped up the "Resolution" a bit more and
restarted it.. Didn't help, and when I exited the kernel gave a nice
big OOPS in kapm-idled (sorry, i don't have the output), and don't
know if it's related to the mouse problem, but I do know the mouse
problem goes away when I back out the changes in the ac8 patch to
pc_keyb.c.. I also have the cuecat patch applied, and use it over
the PS/2 mouse port, but I don't think it's interfering.. I doubt
this will be noticable to people not using the "Resolution" option to
speed up the mouse, and mine's rather insane:

(zinx@bliss)/etc/X11$ cat XF86Config | grep Resolution
Option "Resolution" "50000"

Anyway, just letting you know, and very sorry for the lack of

Zinx Verituse (See headers for gpg key info)
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