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SubjectAdaptec 29160N + Quantum Atlas 10K = Kernel 2.4 will _NOT_ boot.
from "Linux-2.4.x patch submission policy":

> Another way of putting it: if you have a patch, ask yourself what
> would happen if it got left off the next
> RedHat/SuSE/Debian/Turbo/whatever distribution CD. Would it really
> be a big problem? If not, then I'd rather spend the time _really_
> beating on the patches that _would_ be a big issue. Things like
security (_especially_
> remote attacks), outright crashes, or just
> totally unusable systems because it can't see the harddisk.

I get "Unknown device 24" when I try booting Kernel 2.4.0 (and it has been
like this on all 2.4-test kernels too).

When I had my Plextor Plexwriter 8/2/20 CD-ROM attached it didn't even find
my hard drive (Quantum Atlas 10K).

I have a Adaptec 29160N scsi card.

I've had some problems with 2.2.x too, sometimes it doesn't boot (time out
and stuff like that on the scsi probing).

I have previously posted about this and none obviously cared, hope
something will happen this time since I guess Adaptec 29160N + Quantum
Atlas 10K would be a quite common combination. Anyone with the same
hardware setup that would like to comment please mail me at since I'm not on the linux-kernel mailing list.
Comments would be appreciated.

Oh, by the way. Someone posted a patch for this that wasn't accepted.
Reason: "It wasn't needed". (Although the patch didn't solve my second
problem, the one with the cd-rom attached... still didn't find my hard
drive). He/she had a Compaq something that also had problem booting. The
patch was really just a 2.2.x rip off that added a few lines.

Ahh... still have it .. it's attached.
It probably won't apply cleanly but it's not that hard to do it manually.
Better someone else fix it and resubmit it I'll probably just screw it up
anyway. ;)

This patch was _not_ written by me, I don't really know what it does, and
it doesn't solve the problem completely. (Booting 2.2.x isn't 100% reliable
for me either, works most of the time though.)

I hope my english is understandable.

Best regards, Andreas Henriksson //
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