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SubjectRe: QUESTION: Network hangs with BP6 and 2.4.x kernels, hardwarerelated?

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Frank de Lange wrote:

> It is. As I already mentioned in other messages, I already tested with
> JUST the patched 8390.c driver, no other patches. It was stable. I
> then patched apic.c AND io_apic.c, which did not introduce new
> instabilities. Unless you think that reverting back to a stock
> io_apic.c would cause instabilities (which would be weird, since I had
> no instabilities running only a patched 8390.c), I think the patch to
> 8390.c DOES remove the symptoms all by itself. No other patches seem
> necessary to get a stable box.

okay - i just wanted to hear a definitive word from you that this fixes
your problem, because this is what we'll have to do as a final solution.
(barring any other solution.)


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