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SubjectRe: Linux booting from HD on Promise Ultra ATA 100
On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Stephen Torri wrote:

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> On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Martin Josefsson wrote:
> > My setup looks like this, I boot from hde
> > I configured my BIOS to boot from SCSI (I have no scsi-adapter but the
> > promise card reports itself as one at boottime)
> >
> > boot = /dev/hde3
> > delay = 50
> > message = /boot/message
> > vga = extended
> > read-only
> > lba32
> > disk=/dev/hde
> > bios=0x80
> The line "lba32" is for what? I have to ask this because I have never seen
> it in an example of a lilo.conf file before.

it is a BIOS extension that allows you to boot of a partition thats
located above cylinder 1024. I think it's called EDB or something like

> Also you put "disk=/dev/hde and bios=0x80" to inform lilo that there was a
> disk there and its bios address is 0x80. Is this right?


> If I would follow your example then I would put:
> lba32
> disk=/dev/hdf
> bios=0x82

I think that would be correct yes, and install LILO on hde (I think the
promise-card only tries to boot from primary master when you have selected
SCSI in BIOS. But I'm not sure.


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