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SubjectRe: Linux booting from HD on Promise Ultra ATA 100
On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Stephen Torri wrote:

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> I'm having difficulty booting from the Promise controller. Here is the
> story:
> I originally had my system setup with all drives working off the
> mainsboard IDE controller (Intel 82371AB PIIX4). The setup was
> /dev/hda - ST310232A, FwRev=3.09 (Seagate)
> /dev/hdb - 927308, FwRev=RA530JNO (Maxtor) * Linux installed here
> /dev/hdc - CD-532E-B (Teach CDROM)
> /dev/hdd - CD-RW4224A (Smart & Friendly CDRW).
> Well I got an Promise Ultra ATA 100 controller card. Went over to
> and get the patches for kernel-2.2.16. Took a pristine
> kernel-2.2.16 and patched it and then compiled it on a RedHat 6.2
> system. I then made a bootdisk with this new kernel.
> So then I installed the drives in this order:
> (Mainsboard controller)
> primary master - ST310232A (Seagate)
> primary slave - none
> secondary master - CDROM
> secondary slave - CDRW
> (Promise controller)
> primary slave - IBM-DLTA-307045 (IBM)
> primary slave - 927308 (Maxtor) * Linux install here
> secondary master - none
> secondary slave - none
> The system boots if I use the bootdisk and tell it "linux
> root=/dev/hdf3". I edited the lilo.conf and the fstab for the new
> setup. I can log in and do my business with my the linux partition but
> when I tried to use lilo to setup the MBR on the first disk (mainsboard) I
> got this:
> warning: BIOS Drive 0x82 may not be accessible.
> Is there some settings that I need to give to the lilo to boot?

My setup looks like this, I boot from hde
I configured my BIOS to boot from SCSI (I have no scsi-adapter but the
promise card reports itself as one at boottime)

boot = /dev/hde3
delay = 50
message = /boot/message
vga = extended

label = Linux
root = /dev/hde5

label = test10
root = /dev/hde5

This works perfectly fine here


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