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SubjectRe: Cannot compile my kernel due to unpredictible situations:
Here are three golden rules of unpacking a kernel tarball:

1. Make sure that you have sufficient free space on the partition before

Reason: the kernel source is not small. Currently the 2.4.0 kernel is
around 105MB, but once built it will grow to 125MB or more depending on
your configuration.

2. Make sure that there isn't a pre-existing file or directory called 'linux'

Reason: unpacking a new kernel tree over an old kernel tree will give
unpredicatable results, and may end up with it failing to build, or
failing to unpack if 'linux' is a file.

3. Never unpack a kernel tar ball in /usr/src

Reason: some systems still have symlinks from /usr/include/linux into
/usr/src/linux/include/linux. The headers in /usr/include/linux are
supposed to be the ones that your C library was compiled against, not
the current kernel you are running.

Suggestion: create a directory called '/usr/src/v2.4.0' and unpack in
there. If you need any extra patches, or other utilities (eg, modutils)
you have a convienient place to keep them for later reference.
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