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SubjectRe: [linux-audio-dev] low-latency scheduling patch for 2.4.0
"David S. Miller" wrote:
> ...
> Bug: In the tcp_minisock.c changes, if you bail out of the loop
> early (ie. max_killed=1) you do not decrement tcp_tw_count
> by killed, which corrupts the state of the TIME_WAIT socket
> reaper. The fix is simple, just duplicate the tcp_tw_count
> decrement into the "if (max_killed)" code block.

Well that was moderately stupid. Thanks. It doesn't seem to cause
problems in practice though. Maybe in the longer term...

I believe the tcp_minisucks.c code needs redoing irrespective
of latency stuff. It can spend several hundred milliseconds
in a timer handler, which is rather unsociable.

There are a number of moderately complex ways of smoothing out
its behaviour, but I'm inclined to just punt the whole thing
up to process context via schedule_task().

We'll see...
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