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SubjectProblem with elf and dynamic loading ...
Hi !

I'm using dynamic library to load some part of a big software (that use
several differents modules).
The main program fully use the symboles of the shared object (through
the dlsym command), however, the functions available in the module are
not able to use the symbols of the main program.

Is-it a bug of the kernel ?
Is-it to avoid a potential hole of security ?

My system :
Computer : SONY Notebook with a PCMCIA network card and SCSI cardbus.
Kernel : 2.2.18
I tryied to compile and launch 2.4 -test13, however, I think I didn't
have the right parameters for the compilation because it don't manage to
get the bash (still try to compile it) ...
Glibc : 2.2
miscellanous : fully use the elf format, have recompiled the glibc 2.2
from the GNU tree, have also recompile linux from the


Damien TOURAINE - +33 1 69 85 81 68
PhD student at LIMSI - CNRS (
Bat. 508, Universite Paris-Sud F-91403 Orsay cedex (France)

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