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SubjectRe: Where did vm_operations_struct->unmap in 2.4.0 go?
Date said:
> And what a pile of crud those patches are!! Instead of using the
> clean replacement interface for get_module_symbol, nvidia/
> patch-2.4.0-PR hard codes the old get_module_symbol algorithm as
> inline code.

Taking away get_module_symbol() and providing a replacement which has link
order problems wasn't really very sensible.

You've changed a lookup in a static table built at compile time to a lookup
in a dynamic table which has to be built in the right order at runtime.

It's too late to do the sensible thing and deprecate the old version rather
than having a 'flag day'. But can we at least fix the link order crap?

struct static_inter_module_entry {
const char *im_name;
const void *userdata;

#define inter_module_register_static(x,y) \
static struct static_inter_module_entry __ime_##x \
__attribute__((unused,__section__(".intermodule")) \
= { #x, y };

.. and the obvious for looking in that table in inter_module_get().


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