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SubjectRe: 2.4.1-pre1 breaks XFree 4.0.2 and "w"
In article <3A5C96BB.96B19DB@Hell.WH8.TU-Dresden.De>,
Udo A. Steinberg <sorisor@Hell.WH8.TU-Dresden.De> wrote:
>Next backed out the entire XMM and FXSR related stuff and now everything
>is fine again. The CPU in question is an AMD Thunderbird (see cpuinfo
>below). A friend with a similar setup but a Pentium-3 CPU doesn't seem
>to see the problem (couldn't verify myself).

Mind trying it with the "HAVE_FXSR" and "HAVE_XMM" macros in


fixed? They _should_ be just

#define HAVE_FXSR (cpu_has_fxsr)
#define HAVE_XMM (cpu_has_xmm)

instead of testing random bits in CR4 that have different meaning on
different CPU's.

I'm surprised actually - the same CR4 tests are in newer 2.2.x kernels,
I think. (And in 2.2.x kernels, the above "cpu_has_xxx" do _not_ work
unless FP exception testing etc has been fixed in the 2.2.x tree)


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