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SubjectRe: 2.4.0 Patch for 3c575
On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 11:21:58PM -0800, Miles Lane wrote:
> There are at least two things that need to happen.


I think you're not clear on what PCMCIA support is in the 2.4 kernel
tree. The pcnet_cs driver has been in the kernel tree as long as
anything else. Most PCMCIA drivers are already in the kernel tree;
the ones that are not are: the memory card drivers (rarely used now),
parport_cs, and wvlan_cs. The hot plug PCI drivers (3c59x, tulip,
epic100) subsume the 3c575_cb, tulip_cb, and epic_cb drivers

> For the case where drivers don't exist yet,
> the /etc/pcmcia/config* files could be migrated
> into the kernel tree, so that when a kernel is
> installed that is configured to use the kernel
> drivers instead of pcmcia-cs drivers, then
> install the modified /etc/pcmcia/config* files.

I don't like this idea one bit; multiple sets of config files for
different kernel versions is not workable. People want to be able to
boot different kernel releases. I want a way for cardmgr to figure
out on the fly, based on some feedback from the PCMCIA modules, what
the right thing to do is.

> This seems kind of heinous. But, these
> configuration files sometimes get tweaked for
> a particular machine's hardware configuration,
> so it's important not to lose them.

/etc/pcmcia/config should never be tweaked for anything. That's what
the config.opts file is for.

> I should note that I once before I modified my /etc/pcmcia/config
> file so that cardmgr loaded 3c59x for my 3c575 card. I got some
> errors during the card detection phase and I never got "ifup eth0"
> to run automatically when I inserted the card.

Getting "ifup eth0" to run when you insert a CardBus card in the new
2.4 scheme is going to be an issue with the /sbin/hotplug script, and
out of the PCMCIA subsystem's control.

-- Dave
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